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Paros Agnanti Hotel Holiday Resort and Conference has a total of 56 rooms and suites, all with magnificent sea view, each of which is distinguished by its own unique style, either with classic or modern design, elegant decor and luxurious fabrics, which reveal a 5 star hotel.

Nestled between the famous beach of Marcello at the south and surrounded by the well known Cycladic landscape at the north, the brand Νew Suites of Paros Agnanti Resort, have opened in August 2016, welcoming guests who look for ultimate luxury, privacy and relaxation. Whether you have visited Paros Agnanti before, or it is your first time on the Island, the new complex of the hotel’s eleven superior suites will certainly be the landmark of Paros for the coming summer seasons..
Blending all local materials, from wood to stone, and the world famous Parian marbles, the entire room matches the traditional aesthetic, with the modern touch of the architect’s unpretentious option, in a harmonious coexistence of nature and pure luxury.
The uninhibited view to the sea, or the surrounding Cycladic hills, balances with the sunlight and the shades of the sunset. The crystal clear water of the eleven private infinity pools, reflect the Greek blue of the Aegean sky, during the day, while they change colors during the night, turning from red to yellow and from purple to green, adding one more surprising note to your “Agnanti” experience.
For all the longtime friends and visitors, or future guests of Paros Agnanti Resort, the new Suites, will be the next step in “upgrading” the essence vacation.
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Paros Agnanti
Krios Beach
Parikia - Paros 844 00
T: +30 22840 23205 / 25106 / 25107
F: +30 22840 23206

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